Real estate development without limits.

At Curve Development, we offer investors a unique resource in real estate development. Funded by JEN Partners, LLC, we are strategically positioned to provide a wide variety of investment opportunities on a national scale. Add the experience of our seasoned team and our regional partners in the JEN family of developers. Curve is an incomparable partner in real estate development with the agility, creativity, and strength to create virtually limitless value.

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A range of opportunities built from experience.

With an executive team backed by decades in the industry and a diversity of experience, Curve offers a unique range of opportunities in real estate development. From production homes, to multi-family residences, to commercial and institutional developments, we provide a well-rounded perspective and source-to-sale capability rarely found in a single developer.


We design and develop from beginning to end.

We’re hands-on throughout every stage of the process, offering a detailed approach to complete project development. From start to finish, we work directly with our consultants to manage site planning, building and landscaping, all the way through marketing, property management, lease up, and property sales.


We go vertical.

We take pride in the details start to finish. In our home state of Arizona we hold and utilize our general contractors license for Curve projects. Our in house team manages every aspect of the development and on site daily construction activities. Throughout the country we apply this real time knowledge as we team with experienced and qualified contractors to ensure the most effective out of state project management. The overall experience and perspective drives our success.


National scale, regional expertise.

Curve is a full-service operator with resources nationwide. By leveraging our experienced regional land partners in the JEN family of developers, we work with brokers and sellers across the country to source a variety of investment properties from zoned finished lots to unentitled land. This relationship also enables us to execute deals quickly, with direct access to capital and strong debt relationships.


Backed by the strength of our long term relationship with JEN Partners.

We are funded by JEN Partners, LLC, a New York-based private equity firm whose primary investment platform is real estate. JEN and its principals have invested in excess of $6 billion dollars in real estate holdings throughout the United States.


Development will always throw you Curves. It's what you do with them that determines success.

- Curve Development